How I learned to love Exercise

For as long as I can remember I have had a love-hate relationship with exercise and fitness.

I’ve always loved the idea of looking and being fit, and I’ve always hated exercising.

But I accepted working out as a necessary evil and even if only sporadically I would make myself workout.

From time to time (when I say time to time I mean every new year) I would recommit to fitness.

Each January, I would make a vow to myself that I would eat right and workout and achieve that beach body that I’ve always wanted.

But inevitably after a month or so of eating well and working out, I’d look in the mirror and be disappointed that I didn’t look perfect yet.

Or I would be tired of stepping on the scale and not seeing the number that I wanted to see.

Not getting the results I was looking for would feel really discouraging and my workouts would become less of a priority. I’d also begin to be less mindful about what I ate. I’d go back to working out inconsistently.

But recently my attitude towards diet and fitness has changed.

I completed a 6-week CrossFit and paleo challenge. I committed 100% to the food and exercise program for the entire six weeks. The challenge was extremely hard. I had to overhaul my diet completely, and the exercise routines were far more challenging than any I’ve ever done before.

I did not lose a ton of weight, but I am much stronger as a result of the challenge, and I now know what feeling fit is.

I might never achieve the physical standard that I envision but exercising solely for my outside appearance was the wrong focus.

As a result of consistent exercising and eating well I feel better in general. I have more energy and I feel more confident.

I have learned that exercise is not about the pursuit of thinness, low weight or the number of calories burned.

When I workout now I‘m focused on how I feel as opposed to how I look and feeling good is more rewarding than anything else.

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