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September 29, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

That doesn’t sound as good as  “Happy Friday” at all, but it’s going to have to do since today is Tuesday.

Over the weekend, I didn’t do much writing but I did do a lot of web surfing, so I’m going to share what I found with you.

The lunar eclipse that happened over the weekend was a blood moon total lunar eclipse which I learned can disrupt sleep and energy flows. I definitely feel like my energy is affected, I’ve been tired all day yesterday and today and my energy has been low for days.
Even though I’ve been tired, I’ve been making it to the gym regularly.

When I don’t workout, I am more cranky than usual, and I’ll feel too lazy and unmotivated to do anything beyond the bare minimum like go back and forth to work daily. To me doing nothing but going to and from work daily absolutely sucks  I hate the idea of that and so I have been making exercise one of my top priorities these days.

Procrastinating is something I’ve been trying to overcome for as long as I can remember. This article is written by someone who also struggles with procrastination and who knows that the hardest part about doing anything is get started.  If you’re the kind of procrastinator that I am, you’ll save the link to this article and read it later.

I tend to be cynical and anxious in my thoughts, and I need to be reminded to focus on the good. This post was just what I needed to remember to think positive thoughts.

I am supposedly trying to cure myself of my product junkie ways, but then I read things like this post. I want to try everything on this list that I haven’t, and I want more of the stuff that I’ve used and loved and run out of.

This seems like it could be delicious.

And lastly, we don’t make friends at work anymore which is unfortunate since we spend so much of our lives at work. Maybe people don’t make friends at work anymore because so many people don’t like their jobs?

Until the next time!



Ilea Eckhardt

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