Reasons I Shouldn’t Quit My Job

September 21, 2015

Sometimes I feel bad that I am not jumping up and down with excitement about my job.

Ever since I came across this article, I have read it over and over again. The writer lists nine reasons to quit your job.

The essence of the article is that life is too short to be miserable.

I can’t say that every item on the list applies to me. I would be exaggerating if I said I was completely unhappy with my job.

But number seven, having no excitement at all about going to work, is the reason this article resonates with me as much as it does.

Although my job is not lots of fun, my boss is not terrible, and I don’t hate my co-workers.

I can’t help but put myself in the shoes of a manager or someone in a leadership role when I think of my personal complaints about my current work situation.

I don’t know that I would be interested in the complaints of an employee like me.

I am bored of doing what I was hired to do. But there is no opportunity for growth in the department that I work in.

If I were the leader of an organization or someone’s manager, I might be more interested in the employee that felt discouraged about their input being ignored.

There may be a fix for that; we could have a meeting to discuss it, I would offer them training that might allow them to be better at their role.

If I had an employee, that felt insulted or undermined because their manager berated or criticized them publicly,  their manager could receive sensitivity training.

I don’t know what I would say to me, though. I couldn’t approach my boss and say that my assigned tasks do not enthuse me.

I guess the truth is that I could if I wanted to.

Lately, there are more days when all I can think about is quitting time than days when I can just focus on work and what I have to do.

There will always be a reason to leave any situation, but there are also reasons why you should keep your job while pursuing your passion or your dream job.

I’ve been practicing being grateful, and so I focus on what I do like about my job.

Three reasons not to quit

1. Paid Time Off

The amount of paid time off I get is my favorite thing about my job. In the past, I have worked for jobs that offer hardly any paid time off. Even though my last job was a lot of fun there was no paid time off, and I often worked six days a week.

So, I know that I can go above and beyond for my employer. I know how to manage with only one day of freedom. I just don’t want to anymore.

2. Health Insurance

Being able to go to the doctor is great. It feels good to not have to rely on Google and anecdotal evidence whenever I don’t feel well.

3. Steady Paycheck

The best part about working is getting paid regularly. Payday may not come often enough, but we know for sure that eventually it’s going to come.

It used to be easy for me to leave a job. But time and life has matured me, and I recognize that my job allows me to live well.

There is a part of me, buried deep down that knows that I can have the life that I want. I have yet to find the position that matches my strengths and interests.

I have to figure out what that is and find a way to get there. And if I had no job, instead of being able to figure out what I want from life, worrying about finances would be my main focus.

Ilea Eckhardt

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