Winter in BX, NY

Winter is coming

October 27, 2015

I feel like a character from Game of Thrones, crying that winter is coming.

I spent most of October being sad that the summer is over. What I learned about myself is that I take too long to do things. I should have stopped mourning the end of Summer in September.

Although Fall does give me a feeling of hopefulness and optimism, I usually ignore that and focus my energy thinking of all the things I hate about the winter.

But I recently decided to become the type of person who does not waste energy in worry about things she can’t control.

And the weather and seasons changing is not in my control.

I decided this year to use my energy to think about how I can maybe have a better winter.

The things that bother me about the fall and winter season are always the same. My clothes don’t seem to fit right I’m always cold, and my nose is runny.

My hope is that focusing on what I have control over will allow me to be in a less negative state and I can prepare for a more comfortable winter.

It seems obvious that I should have a warm coat and a scarf and hat and gloves every winter. After all, I have dealt with winter my entire life. But although I should know these things, there are some recent winters I can remember being uncomfortable all winter because I didn’t get a much-needed winter essential.

This time, I’m going to make sure to check that my coats and jackets aren’t in need of cleaning or fixing and that I have a hat and scarf and gloves that I will wear.

Another thing that happens is that my clothes don’t ever seem to fit right during the winter.

But last winter I barely went to the gym.

Making it to the gym is even more important than usual in the winter because the chances of getting accidental exercise by just being outside is pretty much non-existent. The chance that I would run in the park or ride my bike during the winter is zero. So to get any exercise during the winter I have to go to the gym.

I also can’t just allow myself to eat non-stop because it’s cold.

Last fall I made a practice Thanksgiving meal a few weeks before Thanksgiving, so I could make sure my recipes would come out right. And then a couple weeks later it was Thanksgiving, and so I made a huge meal again.

To me, this is all ridiculous and makes no sense because if something doesn’t come out delicious and camera ready it doesn’t really matter. It was really just an excuse to make and eat a lot of big meals. So this year, I’m going to limit the amount of big indulgent meals I prepare and eat.

This way, maybe my clothes will fit better!

It’s still going to be winter, and it will be freezing or less outside.

There’s going to be piles of snow and puddles filled with New York City mystery water.

But I am hoping that by focusing on what I can control that I will feel the slightest bit less angry about the winter and that some preparation for the winter will make me less bothered by the winter.

And being a little less bothered by the winter would be a huge win for me.

Until the next time!

Ilea Eckhardt

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  1. Iris Kirkland

    I don’t like the winter either. Although I’m a winter baby. I love celebrating my birthday in December, but I hate the unknown of if it would snow or not. One year I went to Punta Cana to celebrate and I was so happy I got a hot summer day for my birthday. I know they say we need the cold months to get rid of the germs, but chile I wish I can travel somewhere else during that time all the time.

    • Shuba Ilea

      I love Punta Cana, I bet you had an awesome birthday that year! I can’t wait to be able to travel and visit warm places all winter.



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